Workshop Conferences

The RTCOMM team offers workshop conferences designed for seminars, conventions or professional development days that are perfectly adapted to today’s organizations. They cover vital topics that all crisis managers and communicators responsible for managing the company’s image need to know. Our workshop conferences are intended for groups of 25 or more. These workshops combine theory with hands-on exercises involving one or several participants. Participants take on the most critical aspects of each theme and interact with the instructor in a highly stimulating environment.
Crisis Management
Today’s managers are conditioned to plan for success, to highlight successes—not failures—and to banish all negative thoughts. Researchers have given the name “disaster myopia” to the phenomenon in which people deny the probability that their organization may one day be in a crisis. However, for many organizations, the real question is not knowing whether a crisis will strike one day, but when. And when that day arrives, will you be prepared to confront the situation?
Media Relations
Are you afraid of the media? Does the thought of being interviewed by a journalist make you nervous? Do you see your relations with the media as a necessary evil… something that is essential to the smooth running of your organization? And yet, the omnipresence of the media and the role it plays in mirroring and even amplifying public opinion is of crucial importance to any organization concerned about its image.
Managing Change : A Matter of Mobilization and Vision
When the adrenalin is flowing, a number of managers often forget that change is not an end in itself, but rather a process. Result: too much time and too many efforts are invested in formulating the change, rather than in attaining common objectives. During this conference on managing change, you will learn, among other things, how thriving organizations succeed in mobilizing their personnel; how to identify and build on each phase of change; how to master the two fronts on which all successful change takes place and know how to introduce change within your organization.
The Strategic Importance of Communications in an Organization
How would you rate your communications with your clients, your employees, your bankers or your investors? More than a simple tool, communications have now become a crucial factor of success for organizations of all kinds.
Communications in a Conflict Situation
At some time you have undoubtedly made a critical comment to one of your colleagues. Or perhaps you have had to manage a conflict between employees? Would you know how to react to an aggressive verbal attack by a superior?