Mission / Vision / Values

Through the effectiveness of its tools, the cutting-edge expertise it offers its clients, and the superior training it provides in order to help them continually improve their public communications, RTCOMM helps its clients better manage their reputation, prevent crises, or handle inevitable crises better.
Be renowned as the crisis and business continuity management leader in Quebec and Canada for our expertise, the effectiveness of our methods, and the excellence of our team.
RTCOMM is guided by rock-solid values that underpin its reputation and offer the best guarantee of satisfaction to its clients.

  • Integrity : In crisis management, the integrity of messaging must be maintained, the integrity of people must be ensured, and the integrity of relations considered at all times.
  • Innovation : For the last 20 years, our reputation has been founded on our expertise and ability to find innovative solutions in the face of insurmountable obstacles.
  • Proactivity : RTCOMM believes that anticipation, prevention, and preparation are tools that today’s managers need to perform.
  • Positive thought : No situation is a dead end. We never give up — we continue the fight and find solutions equal to the challenge. We succeed.
  • Mutual trust : RTCOMM’s actions are guided by mutual trust, which we strive to build and maintain as the greatest symbol of our relationship with our clients.