Effective Speeches and Presentations

Duration: One day Number of participants: 5 to 6

Regardless of your reporting level, your occupation or your sector of activity, if you want your presentations—now often computer-assisted—to have a strong impact, they must be effective. Whether your goal is to sell, mobilize or inform, your talk must also be convincing. And it is important to capitalize on the visual aids and the extensive range of tools offered by modern technology in order to make your presentation all the more effective. Hence, the importance of using these aids to their fullest.

You will learn how to:
  • Prepare a well-structured presentation
  • Capture your audience’s attention
  • Master delivery of the presentation
  • Overcome nervousness and stage fright
  • Manage non-verbal communication
  • Stimulate the interest of your audience and retain the attention of a group
  • Amuse and convey the messages in question
  • Stir your audience’s imagination
  • Control the speech-making process
  • Manage the question period
  • Conclude forcefully and within the allotted time frame
Our ‘Effective Speeches and Presentations’ workshop is accredited by the Quebec Bar for 7 hours of continued training.