Just like the services it provides, RTCOMM never stops evolving. As a crisis management specialist, RTCOMM manages its own business continuity by staying abreast of the latest trends and staying flexible, which lets it tailor its services to its clients’ needs in order to better protect their interests.

Establishment of Richard Thibault Communications (RTCOMM)

From the outset, the firm specializes in strategic communications (strategic planning and positioning, public relations, media relations) and crisis management. Institut de formation à la parole publique is opened. The first issues of Fine pointe magazine are published.



RTCOMM and Institut de formation à la parole publique join forces.


Sale of the Fine pointe magazine


Greater emphasis on training

An innovative online assisted distance training program is developed. Within the public speaking training industry, we are the first firm in North America to offer assisted distance training courses to clients who prefer not to or are unable to meet us in person. Richard Thibault gives talks at various workshops and conferences across Quebec.


« Devenez champion dans vos communications »

Author: Richard Thibault - Éditions MultiMondes, out of print: lays the foundations of successful public communications and reveals the secrets of overcoming stage fright – you'll look at communications from a whole new angle. The team grows and moves into bigger offices. Training is now provided on a monthly basis to homogenous as well as mixed groups at RTCOMM’s offices. RTCOMM steps up its focus on crisis management.


« Osez parler en public »

Author: Richard Thibault - Éditions MultiMondes: This is an indispensable handbook for beginners who want to overcome their fear of speaking in public and learn how to become effective communicators. RTCOMM gains momentum and earns numerous industry accolades. The firm adds several conferences and workshops to its repertoire. RTCOMM hones its focus as a North American crisis management specialist.


Certification MSP

RTCOMM is certified by Ministère de la Sécurité publique for its group and assisted distance training course on « media relations », the only course to be certified by the Ministère in an emergency communications context.



While continuing to provide support for media or corporate crises, RTCOMM now offers innovative management expertise featuring integrated services ranging from strategic positioning to creating a business continuity plan.

Richard Thibault and Marie Laroche specialize in risk and crisis management as well as in business continuity. They are also certified by the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), an international organization that sets professional standards, provides training based on continuity management standards, provides a certification system that confirms the knowledge and experience of continuity management professionals and promotes the credibility and professionalism of its members.


« Comment gérer la prochaine crise »

Author: Richard Thibault - Éditions Transcontinental: a step by step approach that shows you how to handle both sides of a crisis: its peril and its potential, and come out ahead. One of the 3 finalists for top business book in 2009.  


« Gérer le risque: une nécessité, un devoir »

RTCOMM organizes the 1st Francophone Symposium on Risk Management in collaboration with the Quebec City Convention Centre.Premier Colloque francophone sur la gestion des risques et la continuité des opérations organisé par RTCOMM, avec la collaboration du Centre des Congrès de Québec.



The «Media Relations» and «Osez parler en public» courses are recognized by the Québec Bar Association. Each of these professional development courses cover 7 hours of training.


RTCOMM celebrates its 20th Anniversary !

Now in our 20th year and still going stronger… thanks to our valued clients!

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